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So aluminum foil roll has such a wonderful function, you know?

Release time:2021-09-24 Reading volume: Author:BINZHOU HAILONG ALUMINUM PLASTIC
As we all know, aluminum foil roll is a good way to keep the pan and oven clean. During barbecue, put a layer on the bottom of the oven to prevent the oven from being stuck by gravy.

But in addition, aluminum foil paper is also very convenient to scrub the oil stain. Take a piece of aluminum foil paper and knead it into a ball at will. Scrub the oil stain pan and it will be cleaned soon.

Aluminum foil paper can be folded freely without deformation. It can also be used as a temporary container. It's a pity to pour out the remaining oil from our usual cooking, but we have to waste one more bowl. In addition, the oil bowl is more difficult to wash than the ordinary bowl. At this time, we might as well make a small bowl with aluminum foil paper to hold the vegetable oil, which is convenient and easy.

Aluminum foil paper can also make our life easier. Usually at home, there is often Mingming WiFi around, but the signal is very weak and can't be connected. The WiFi signal is too divergent to even visit Taobao. Take a piece of aluminum foil paper and fold it.

Put the folded aluminum foil behind the router antenna to enhance the signal instantly.

It's really annoying that you can't find a funnel when filling water at home. Pouring water directly into the mouth of the bottle will always shake out some. After pouring, you have to wipe it. Take a piece of aluminum foil paper and roll it up. Make a funnel yourself. There can be a matching funnel regardless of the size of the mouth of the bottle. No matter how you pour it, it can't leak out

In winter, you can't play with your mobile phone with gloves, but your hands will freeze when you take your gloves to play with your mobile phone. Cut the aluminum foil paper into a small piece and pinch it on your fingers. You can play with your mobile phone with gloves!

Sometimes the battery runs out, but I forget to buy a new one. What can I do in a hurry? Take a piece of tin foil, knead it into a small ball and put it into the battery. The battery can be used again. It's still very good to deal with emergencies.

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