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Why is baking called baking by others and "dark cooking" by you? Material to be selected for baking mold

Release time:2021-09-24 Reading volume: Author:BINZHOU HAILONG ALUMINUM PLASTIC
How to choose the baking mold

1. Ceramic baking mould

Ceramic baking mould is one of the most used baking utensils by foreigners. Because the ceramic material has high heat resistance, it can generally be used in the environment of seven or eight Baidu. However, when you buy ceramic baking molds, you must look at the component label and heat resistance coefficient on the package.

Without these baking molds, you basically don't need to consider, because unqualified products are easy to contain heavy metals, which is bad for people's health.

2. Silica gel baking mould

Baking utensils made of this material are rarely used in daily life. This is because the silica gel baking mold is only suitable for small cakes. If it is used to make cakes or bread, it will be easy to demould.

However, silica gel baking mold also has its characteristics. Food grade silica gel baking mold must be tasteless, without whitening or edge warping.

3. Glass baking mould

When it comes to glass baking utensils, you must be reminded that ordinary glass utensils can not be used as baking molds, because if they are not special baking glass, they are prone to explosion after being put into the oven.

This requires you to pay attention to the selection of brand and quality when buying, otherwise inferior products will contain lead, which is not conducive to the health of food.

4. Metal baking mould

Metal baking mold is the most used baking appliance in most families. It includes copper, aluminum, iron and weather resistant steel molds. These metal materials have the characteristics of good thermal conductivity, strong corrosion resistance, low thickness and multilateral shape, which are better than other baking molds.

5. Stainless steel baking mould

The stainless steel baking mold is characterized by high gloss and perfect thinness. The disadvantage is that it is easy to "stick", so when you choose this material, remember to use baking paper or apply more butter when baking.

The most publicized products in the market are "wire drawing" stainless steel baking and "mirror" stainless steel. Of course, these products are made of 304 stainless steel. You should recognize them.

6. Paper baking mould

Needless to say, this baking appliance has low cost, but its scope of application is also relatively small. For example, it is needed to make cupcakes and cup cakes, but it can't be used like demoulded cakes.

Select according to other conditions

1. Choose according to the menu

Usually, people who learn to bake will do it while reading the recipe. You can use whatever baking utensils you should use in the recipe.

2. Select according to budget

Of course, if you have a large budget, you can buy better baking molds. If you have a small budget, you can just buy some and make do with it.

3. Select according to frequency

If you usually use it, try to buy it better. If you just want to give it away once, just buy a disposable baking mold.

Anyway, if you want to buy baking molds, you must choose those produced by regular manufacturers, which is helpful to health.
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